4 Years & 20 Weeks Married | Daddy & Baby R Hangout Day

Cindy got pulled into Pokémon Go again… and bought tickets for the Pokémon Go Johto Tour Event which was this past Saturday. She initially bought tickets mostly to hang out with her friend, which she hadn’t done in a while. And as Saturday approached, she started to dread being away from Baby R for a whole day. The last thing she wanted to do after a week of working was to be away from her baby. But, to her surprise, she had a lot of fun and was so distracted with trying to catch all the Pokémon she didn’t have time to miss Baby R! It wasn’t until she was on her way home that she started itching to see her baby. Cindy’s sister and her sister’s husband also participated. And it felt a lot like our Pokémon Go weekend last year minus Jake. Cindy was sad Jake wasn’t there but someone had to watch the baby.

Jake had an amazing Daddy-Daughter Day with Baby R. He played with her all morning, put her down for nice long naps, and even went on a walk to Target! He hasn’t had many daddy-daughter only days, so it was a really special day. There were some precious interactions that wouldn’t normally happen with Cindy there. For example, Jake stacked some foam blocks into several towers and watched Baby R army crawl over to every single one of them and knock them down like Godzilla. Cindy is a little daintier in her interactions with Baby R. Jake sure does love Baby R, she’s been stealing his heart for the past 9 months. He can’t wait for more Daddy-Daughter Days, especially when she’s a little older and can talk and walk!

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