4 Years & 19 Weeks Married | Valentine’s Day & Baby R’s First Cold

We celebrated Valentine’s Day this past week!

Jake surprised Cindy and Baby R in the morning with a special pancake breakfast, gifts, and a Valentine’s Day balloon! Cindy and Baby R felt so spoiled! Once again, Jake “won” Valentine’s Day. Just kidding. We don’t keep tabs. But one of these times Cindy will “outdo” Jake.

In the evening, the two of us had a nice dinner & a movie together, at home. We started watching Dune. Then finished the movie over the course of the next 3 days. We don’t know how we used to watch entire movies in one sitting before. These days, we just get way too tired and struggle to stay up past 10:00p!

Also this week, Jake and Baby R caught a cold. Well, Jake caught a cold and passed it on to Baby R. Cindy’s still waiting to see if she’s in the clear or if she’ll come down with the cold soon. (we tested multiple times and it’s not Covid, just a cold)

We had been dreading baby’s first sickness because of all the horror stories we’ve heard– up every hour at night, refusing to eat, extra fussy, poor naps. Aside from a few short naps and a super runny nose, Baby R has been pretty much the same. She still sleeps through the night and is still as active as ever during the day. We feel like we got let off easy with this first cold. Who knows what the next one will look like but, for now, we’ve survived baby’s first cold.

Speaking of Baby R, here are a few updates on what she’s been doing! She’s started cruising along furniture and standing unsupported! We think we’re going to have a walker by 9 months! (maybe) She tasted ice cream for the first time ever this past week and LOVED it (after the initial shock of how cold it tasted). She’s been pulling up to stand on everything and anything, even cups. We keep joking that for Baby R there are only 2 things in this life: can pull to stand vs. cannot pull to stand. She’s also been trying to climb furniture. Fortunately, she’s neither tall enough nor strong enough to actually climb up successfully. But we do foresee trouble on our hands. She is still army crawling and getting better at it. She recently discovered the stairs and is so interested in crawling down them. It might be time to put up the baby gate. And finally, she’s been babbling up a storm. It’s so interesting to see how much she’s evolved and it hasn’t even been a full year!

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