4 Years & 18 Weeks Married | Our Bowling Date

We’ve forgotten how much we love bowling!

On Saturday, the two of us went out for a bowling date! Cindy wasn’t super excited about the date at first because she didn’t want to leave Baby R behind and she underestimated how fun bowling would be. But she’s really happy Jake insisted. We keep joking that our marriage is saved! In all seriousness, it was nice to spend some quality time together without baby.

We had such a lovely (and expensive) 2.5 hours. While waiting for a lane to open up, we raced some random kids in a driving game at the arcade. We also splurged on greasy bowling alley food– loaded fries and mozzarella sticks. They really hit the spot!

It’d been so long since we’d gone bowling (since alleys were closed during the pandemic) so we were a bit rusty. It took a while for us to get into the game. We originally agreed to bowl one game and go home to our baby. But we got sucked in. Before we knew it, we were checking the time to see if we could squeeze in just one more game. We ended up bowling 3 games! Our forearms were really sore afterward.

Our date took us back to the Summer of 2018 when we got bowling passes and would ride our bikes nearly every day to the bowling alley and bowl. Now that we’ve rediscovered our love for bowling, we can’t wait to share that love with Baby R (when she’s old enough)!

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