4 Years & 14 Weeks Married | Baby R Updates

So many changes have been happening with Baby R, we can barely keep up! Turns out, the reason why Baby R was the fussiest and clingiest she’d ever been during Christmas time was because she was teething!!! We’re pretty sure that’s the reason since shortly after two little bottom teeth popped out. Aside from the newborn days, teething has got to be one of the most grueling and draining experiences so far. We are SO HAPPY Baby R is back to her happy, cheery self. We’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks, teething-free, as much as we can before it happens again.

Other new developments, Baby R has been pulling to stand! And standing with assistance. And babbling. And waving her arms when she’s happy. And smiling this cute new nose scrunched smile. She loves food and has been enjoying all the solids we’ve given her. She’s big enough for the bucket swing now and loves that as well! It has been so fun watching her change and become even more interactive!

This past weekend, we visited Jake’s brother and his brother’s wife. It was one of our most successful days out with Baby R in a long time. Baby R was cool with her aunt and uncle holding her. She didn’t scream or cry bloody murder like she would have just a couple of weeks ago. And it was so nice for us to just catch up and hang out! We even got to play a Mario Party board game on the Switch. We feel so lucky to have so much family around. We selfishly hope no one ever moves out of the SoCal area.

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