4 Years & 10 Weeks Married | Busy Holiday Season

We’ve had quite a social week, packed with non-stop engagements. While we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone, we’re looking forward to some respite from the social plans.

We’ve basically hung out with Jake’s brother, who’s visiting from D.C., all week. He flew in Wednesday night and we’ve seen him almost every day since. On Thursday night we played a few games of Dominion (Jake’s favorite board game in the entire world). That was his highlight of the week– playing multiple rounds of his favorite game. We’ve missed our late-night game nights! Except, with a baby, late-night looked more like 11:00p vs. 1:00a.

On Saturday, we hung out with Jake’s brother again and his brother’s friend, who was also visiting from D.C. Jake’s brother’s friend is about a decade younger than us… which made for an interesting and pretty random hang out. We learned a lot about Gen Z “vibes” and humor. Or at least we tried to understand it lol. Something about how 4×4=16 is very Thursday vibes… we don’t really get it.

On Sunday, we watched Spider-Man!!! (again with Jake’s brother from D.C. and also their youngest brother) We were both really excited to watch Spider-Man, especially since this was the first movie in a really long time that we were watching in theaters. With a baby, we really have to pick and choose which movies are “find-a-sitter” or “ask-our-parents-to-babysit” worthy. It’s a pretty big deal to go watch a movie in theaters! We really enjoyed it, but Jake’s brothers weren’t big fans. That was kind of a bummer. But it was still nice to spend the time together.

We have a few more plans to catch up with friends in the week leading up to Christmas. They’re all festive activities, so we’re really excited! We are especially excited for Baby R’s first Christmas!!! It just feels more magical this year. After Christmas weekend, we have a clear calendar dedicated to spending time together as a family, just the three of us. We’re still figuring out how to find the perfect balance between cherishing these months with Baby R and finding time for friends and family.

Other Highlights

We started watching all the Harry Potter movies! Even though the movies showcase all the seasons, they, for some reason, just feel like Christmas movies.

Baby R has been army crawling non-stop. She will not sit still anymore. Well…she’s never really sat still… she just didn’t have any other means of moving around before so she would just writhe. These days, it’s like she’s trying to crawl anywhere and everywhere, even the sky. When we hold her, she just tries to crawl on our bodies.

And finally, we went on our first stroller run with Baby R!

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