4 Years & 8 Weeks Married | 6 Months of Baby R

Baby R turned 6 months old this past week! It really is true what everyone says, time really does go by so fast… and it really does get easier. Though, we can’t really pinpoint the exact moment things “got easier”. It’s amazing how it feels like Baby R has always been a part of our lives when just 6 months ago we were wondering whether or not we’d ever get to live our lives again. Life with a baby seemed so impossible in those early days. We remember our mantra was “two weeks at a time“. We were surviving in 2-week increments and wondering how on earth we’d ever make it to the 3-month mark. Well, here we are, at 6 months… And now we’re wishing time could just slow down. The months have come and gone in a blink of an eye. It is bittersweet thinking about how we’re moving closer and closer towards her first birthday and farther and farther away from her newborn days.

On a brighter note, it feels like we’ve unlocked the “fun level” at 6 months old! Baby R is soo interactive and engaging now! She has been trying to crawl and it’s been so fun watching her try to figure it out. She’s able to lurch herself forward before accidentally rolling over. Cute! And, she has preferences now! Right now, she only wants Cindy which makes Cindy secretly very happy. Cindy’s savoring it before Baby R changes her mind and decides Jake is the cool one.

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