4 Years & 5 Weeks Married | Veteran’s Day Long Weekend

Thank you to all the veterans who are serving and have served our country!

SoCal experienced a mini heatwave this past long weekend. We took advantage and went to the beach! We may not experience seasons in SoCal, but we do get to enjoy the beach almost year-round! We didn’t go for very long because we didn’t want to deal with napping-on-the-go and baby cries, so we went during Baby R’s wake window and left when it got close to her nap time. Cindy’s sister came along which gave us the chance to go in the water together! That’s something we haven’t done together in a while.

We dipped Baby R’s toes in the water last time we were at the beach and she was not a fan. We tried again to see if she would like the water the second time around and….no. She cried. It took sucking on a tangerine slice to calm her down.

Overall, it was a nice weekend spending time together as a family.

Baby R Updates

Lots of exciting things happened this past week!!

Baby R is sitting up unsupported now! It’s crazy…one day, she just decided not to topple over. lol.

She is rolling in all sorts of directions now…back to tummy… tummy to back! She gets such a workout rolling from one corner of our bed to the other! She makes it look so fun, we wish we could shrink ourselves down to her size and roll along with her.

She intentionally reached out for “up” !!! Cindy got back from work last Tuesday and Baby R reached her arms up to be picked up. It made Cindy’s day. Jake has been waiting for his turn to be reached out to.

She’s started babbling and saying “ma ma” with sprinkles of “ba ba”. She just decided one day to do it and hasn’t stopped since! Cindy’s pretending Baby R totally means to say mama, but we know she’s just babbling.

And finally, we’ve discovered foods Baby R doesn’t like. Baby R has been super interested in food and has basically eaten everything we’ve given her. We assumed she just loves food and will eat anything. We gave her egg on one of the days and spinach the other day and with both foods, she gagged out of disgust. So interesting to see that she has preferences…

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