4 Years & 2 Weeks Married | Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labor

And by that, we mean our “Nap Training” labor!

Baby R has been napping pretty consistently in her crib. If you were following our “Nap Training Diaries”, then you’ll know Nap #2 was consistently a short 30-minute nap. Well… last week, she managed to lengthen that nap! The range is now anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half!

Cindy has been enjoying her “free time”. For a couple of days, she wasn’t really sure what to do with herself. Now, she’s started reading a book, doing her exercises, cleaning & doing other household chores, and watching Desperate Housewives.

We both feel a weight off our shoulders knowing Baby R can put herself to sleep for naps now. When Cindy goes back to work, we’ll feel a bit more confident her naps won’t be too disrupted.

We moved Jake’s workspace back into his side of the room and will see if Baby R can sleep through the typing. We’ve only tested it out once and Baby R did well, but Jake was holding back– he was typing very slowly in order to stay quiet, so it sort of hindered productivity.

Overall, it was a nice, slow, relaxing week (for Cindy). She’s been taking daily afternoon strolls with Baby R in the stroller for Nap #3. Cindy’s really enjoyed these strolls! One of the days, she picked up a book from one of those free Little Library bookhouses and found a little stoop to sit on and read while Baby R napped in the stroller. It’s been really nice soaking in the late afternoon sun. A couple times, she picked up a small cup of coffee & a scone to eat while reading. Jake joined in on one of these walks over the weekend and got to share a piece of the bliss.

For Jake, this past week has been one of his busiest weeks so far. He spent all week preparing for his proseminar presentation, where he’ll be presenting his latest research idea. In case anyone is interested, he’s asking the question: when does an occupation favor a specialist or a generalist? If you want to read more about his research you can check out his academic website: www.jkohlhepp.com. He also had to write a midterm question for the class he is TAing and set up the paperwork for hiring our nanny. Busy, busy, busy.

Finally, Cindy has one week left of her maternity leave. She’s cleared the week so that it can be devoted to baby snuggles and cuddles. She’s trying to soak it all in.

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