3 Years & 47 Weeks Married | Labor Day Weekend!

What a weekend we had! It was jam-packed!

On Saturday, we went to the beach with Cindy’s best friend from high school, who also just had a baby! Her best friend’s baby is born about a month after Baby R, so of course Cindy and her best friend are encouraging the babies to also be best friends. The babies love each other already! Just kidding, they don’t know the other exists even when they’re lying right next to each other.

We had a lot of fun on our joint-family beach outing! Baby R and her future bff both got to dip their toes in the ocean water. Neither of them were fans.

On Sunday, we had our first overnight stay away from home since having the baby. We went out to Cindy’s parent’s house. Leading up to Sunday, Cindy was extremely anxious about whether or not Baby R would sleep in a different environment. We spent the week getting her used to sleeping in the Pack n’ Play by having her take naps in it. Baby R ended up doing an amazing job! She slept through the night and got to show her grandparents what a good baby she is!

The flip side is she woke up basically every hour the night we were back home…so we’re thinking maybe she just doesn’t like sleeping in her crib and actually prefers the Pack n’ Play… oye…

Successful sleep wasn’t the only great thing about our visit. The main “activity” other than hang out with Baby R was… Peking Duck!!! We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant that serves Peking Duck. It was deeeeeelicious. We want to eat more of it!! Jake has officially declared that Peking Duck is his second favorite food in the world, just under crab. Eating out at a restaurant post-baby with Cindy’s family was also a first.

We had a lot of “firsts” this weekend! It seems we’re getting more and more comfortable easing back into our pre-baby social life. It’s a little overwhelming and tiring… but so worth the memories.

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