3 years & 45 Weeks Married | Wedding Time!!! (And 11 Weeks Postpartum Updates)

The BIG highlight of the week: Jake’s brother’s wedding!!! What a beautiful and special day full of celebration and looooooove.

We’re so happy and excited for Jake’s brother and his wife. We’re especially happy to have a sister-in-law!! And can’t wait for all the new family memories. And babies! Jk haha. (but really…)

The wedding was our first long stretch of time away from Baby R (almost 10 hours!) We didn’t want the baby to take away from Jake’s brother’s special day. And we wanted to enjoy the wedding without having to tend to Baby R every 5 seconds. We did start to miss her near the end of the night, but overall, it wasn’t too hard emotionally. It was kind of a nice break!

gotta pump!

We had a lot of fun spending time with family, catching up with extended family, eating, and dancing. The day after, Jake’s brother and Jake’s brother’s wife hosted a post-wedding brunch for all the wedding guests. We brought Baby R to that and she got to meet a lot of her great aunts and uncles. So special! We hope she knows how loved she is and how blessed she is to have such a large family.

It was such a fun weekend. We’re a little sad it’s over.

Postpartum Updates: Week 11

We’re nearing the end of the “4th Trimester” and, thus, the end of our postpartum updates! Which also means Baby R is almost 3 months old!! Wow time has flown by. Just a couple months ago we were wondering if it will ever get easier. The learning curve for first time parents is steep, but once you’re over the hump it truly does get easier.

On Cindy’s end, she doesn’t have too many new updates. She’s doing pelvic floor PT and hopes to be able to run again in a few weeks. She’ll be going back to work in a couple months. Initially, Cindy couldn’t wait to get away from the baby and go back to work. But now that she’s spent so much time with the baby, she’s starting to get a little sad thinking about going back even though it’s still a couple of months away. It’ll be an adjustment for sure.

Baby R has been such a good baby. At the post-wedding brunch, she was held by so many different family members and didn’t cry once. Someone told us that we have a “sucker baby”– the baby that makes you think it’s all easy and then you get a monster second baby. We totally believe it. Our nickname for Baby R is “Zen Bébé“.

Jake has successfully not gained the “Dad 15”, which he is happy about. He loves spending time with Baby R. In the mornings, while Cindy showers, he likes to read the Bible to Baby R. During the work day, he enjoys Baby R’s company– she naps on her side of the room while Jake works on his side of the room. We’re so glad this arrangement worked out. We weren’t sure if Jake’s working at his desk would be too loud or distracting for Baby R to sleep. But she just snooozes away!

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