3 years & 44 Weeks Married | Lots of Family Time (And 10 Weeks Postpartum Updates)

Baby R spent lots of time with family this week!

On Thursday, Cindy’s parents came out to visit. They loooove spending time with Baby R. While Jake taught his class, Cindy and her parents took Baby R out for a stroller walk to get boba! The boba was refreshing and yummy and the weather was nice and sunny. In the evening, Cindy’s sister and her sister’s fiancé came over and spent some time with Baby R too!

On Saturday, we spent the day together just the three of us. We went out to the mall and treated ourselves to some ice cream and coffee. Now that Baby R is able to nap in the stroller, we’re able to go out to more and more places! Just a few weeks ago, she would scream whenever she was in the stroller and demanded to be carried. Oh the freedom!

On Sunday, we went out to Jake’s parents house and spent the day with his family. Cindy went into the pool for the first time since giving birth! It was soooo nice. There’s just something about the pool that makes it really feel like summer. Even though summer is winding down, to us if feels like summer is just getting started! Jake’s dad made some pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and it was the MOST DELICIOUS MEAL ever. Jake is still talking about those sandwiches lol. We really enjoyed the family time and Baby R got to spend time with all of Jake’s brothers and his brother’s fiancé.

Baby R got to hang out with every member of her immediate family this week!

Postpartum Updates: Week 10

Stiiiiillll spotting on and off. Cindy called the OB Dept. and the nurse said it’s allll normal. Just not fun.

What’s also not fun is that postpartum hair loss. It REALLY kicked in this past week. Cindy has been pulling out gobs of hair when in the shower. And throughout the day, she can feel strands of fallen hair graze her arms and shoulders. IYKYK, it’s annoying. Our floor is basically covered in Cindy’s hair. We’ve had to up our sweeping/vacuuming.

And finally, Cindy went through her closet this week and packed away her favorite pre-pregnancy clothes in the hopes that one day she’ll fit them again. She also made a donate pile full of clothes she’s sure she’ll never be able to fit in again. In the meantime, she’s ordered new clothes in larger sizes. She’s not bummed about her postpartum body. But she is bummed that she has to guess what size she is now. She really enjoyed being able to shop online and know exactly what size to order. It’s kind of a guessing game now.

As for Jake, he still fits in all his pre-baby clothes lol. He said himself…that for him…nothing’s really changed. Must be nice.

Cindy wasn’t the only one who had clothes packed away this past week. We finally packed away Baby R’s 0-3 month clothes. She was on the border of oozing out of some onsies. She’s been upgraded to the 3-6 month sizes! It’s insane how quickly babies grow!

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