3 Years & 42 Weeks Married | Highlights of the Week (And 8 Weeks Postpartum Updates)

We’ve had quite the week!


The “event” of the day was getting groceries lol. Seriously though, getting groceries is “event” level these days. We used to do grocery trips together. Nowadays, Cindy goes while Jake stays home and watches Baby R. It’s a little lonely…but the bright side is Cindy can buy whatever snacks & treats she wants without Jake in the back telling her to put it back. The negative side is that our grocery bill is a little more expensive due to said snacks and treats.


Jake’s brother (from DC) and his mom came to visit! It was so nice to have company.

In the afternoon, we packed Baby R up in the stroller and went to a nearby park, with Jake’s brother, where we met up with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s fiancé for a game of basketball. Cindy didn’t play an actual game, but she did shoot a few hoops! We played a round of PIG and Cindy won! She was extremely sore the next day. Jake had a lot of fun hanging out with his brother.

In the evening, everyone came back over to our place and we watched some Olympics.


Our couple friend from Jake’s PhD program came over to visit! They have shown Baby R so much love! It makes us so happy to see how much love our friends and family have shown Baby R.


Cindy’s best friend since high school had a baby recently– born one month, one day, one hour, and one minute apart from Baby R! Her friend also recently moved back to SoCal. It’s been soo nice to go through pregnancy and now motherhood together.

Cindy made the trip out to visit her friend and her friend’s baby girl. It was Cindy’s first time driving solo post baby and post car accident. She was so tense the entire drive and was basically dripping in her own sweat by the time she arrived. It was worth it, though, to spend time with her friend, catch up, and meet the baby.

Jake stayed home with Baby R, so as to not overwhelm Cindy’s friend with a potentially inconsolable crying baby. He really enjoyed the daddy daughter time! He went on mid-day walk with Baby R, did lots of tummy time, and even attempted to train her to nap in her bassinet.


We had our second solo date night post-baby! We’re really loving these and are so grateful to have so much family around to help watch the baby. This time Cindy’s sister and her sister’s fiancé babysat for us.

We went to the movies, again, and splurged on movie theater food, again. It was fun! But next time we might venture away from the movie theater and try a different activity– like bowling or mini-golf!

Earlier in the day, Jake went onto campus to work on a paper with a colleague. It was Cindy’s turn to have mommy daughter time. She took Baby R out on a walk– their first solo walk! Cindy had been a little nervous about going out alone with Baby R, so this was a pretty big milestone. She’s working her way up to driving with Baby R.


We had our first family day outing! Nothing too crazy or adventurous. We went to a nearby park and relaxed in the fresh air. We took cat naps, read our books, and watched a random volleyball game. It was perfect.


Family church day! Cindy had to nurse Baby R for the majority of the sermon. It felt a little like what was the point, but Jake is of the mindset that making it out to church is a big win in and of itself.

We saw an ad on TV for the Carl’s Jr. BLT Ranch and just had to eat it. So that was the big highlight of the evening.

Postpartum Updates: Week 8

We’ve started cooking meals again! We’re settling into more of a predictable routine. Baby R feeds at around the same time every day and has a set bed time now, so it’s easier to plan our days & our meals. Prior to this we were eating a lot of take-out and frozen meals. We’ve started cooking recipes again this past week. It feels good to eat some home cooked meals with fresh veggies.

Last week we shared that Baby R seems to only give Jake smiles. Well… she’s started giving Cindy lots of smiles!! And we’re lovin’ it!

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