3 Years & 41 Weeks Married | Baby R’s First Olympics! (And 7 Weeks Postpartum Updates)

It’s Baby R’s first Olympics and she just LOOOVES watching all the events!! Just kidding. She has no idea what’s going on. But she does enjoy watching the TV. It’s basically never ending visual stimulation. We’re having fun pretending Baby R enjoys the Olympics. And it’s nice to experience our first Olympics as a family!

Another highlight of the week– our first date together post-baby! Cindy’s parents and sister babysat Baby R on Saturday afternoon, so we could go out for an early dinner & a movie. We watched Black Widow, splurged on movie theater food, and really soaked in the “just us” time. We didn’t get to the dinner part though. Cindy had to pump after the movie but realized she had forgotten one of the pump parts. Instead of going out to dinner, we went on an adventure to Buy Buy Baby and bought the part she needed. She pumped in the car, we got some Starbucks afterwards instead, and headed home.

Cindy’s parents loved their time spent with Baby R. We felt this break from the baby was just what we all needed. Cindy realized she hovered too much whenever her parents would come spend time with the baby and it was probably taking away from their bonding experience. We figured the best way to not hover was to not be there. Overall, it was a great day for all of us!

Postpartum Updates: Week 7

TMI, but Cindy is still lightly spotting. She thought 6 weeks postpartum was the magical “heal-by date”. Apparently…these things take time?! She wonders, at this point, if she’ll just be bleeding for the rest of her life.

As for Jake, his update is that he is able to get Baby R to smile whenever he wants. She gives THE BIGGEST smiles to him! Cindy’s a little jealous…not like she carried Baby R for 9 months and went through hours and hours of labor or anything… But Baby R’s smiles are just tooo cute. We’re just happy Jake is able to elicit them.

Baby R has officially been sleeping through the night! She’s consistently given us 7-8 hours & and she puts herself to sleep. We attempted to transition her to her crib last night…and it didn’t go so well. Now we’re afraid we messed up her “good sleep streak”. We’ve been asking her to pretend like last night didn’t happen. And will be going back to her preferred sleeping arrangement– in the bassinet, in the hallway.

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