3 Years & 32 Weeks Married | Last Date Night Before Baby Comes! (And We Finished Our Marvel Movie Marathon)

Well….we’re hoping it’s our last date night! But we’ll see…maybe baby will come late and we can have another date night! We’re so happy things have started opening up in Los Angeles because it meant we were able to go out and actually do something fun! We are soo over ordering take-out and watching a movie at home.

Between being 9 months pregnant and not having gone out for a whole year, we had a little trouble brainstorming date night activities to do. What did we even do pre-pandemic?! We wanted to try out this place called Dreamscape– it’s a virtual reality ride experience– but it isn’t recommended for pregnant women. So we’ve decided that will be our first date night activity, as new parents/post-pregnancy.

We ended up going to the arcade at Santa Monica pier (Playland Arcade)!! This is probably one of our favorite date activities. We splurged on overpriced churros, tried our hand at the impossible bottle tossing game, and went crazy on the arcade machines. We wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but it was extremely windy and there was a super long line. Oh well, next time!

As we were leaving, we realized we haven’t truly appreciated the fact that we live so close to the Santa Monica pier. This popular tourist destination is practically in our backyard! And we should really try to make the most of our time living so close to it.

After the arcade, we ate dinner at the same place we went to for our rehearsal dinner– Earth, Wind, & Flour. We’re not sure if we saw this place with rose-colored glasses or if the pandemic has changed the dynamic of the restaurant, but it wasn’t as nice as we remembered it… But the food was cheap and tasted okay!

It’s weird to think that this is our last date night as “just” a young married couple. We’ve had a lot of fun being a young married couple and are ready for our transition to new parents!

The other highlight of our week was wrapping up our Marvel Movie Marathon (with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s fiancé)!!! It took us about a month, and we finished it just in time (before baby came)! We both have a whole new appreciation for the Marvel Universe and the ingenuity of Disney, how they weaved all the movies & stories together. Avengers Infinity War & Avengers Endgame are, hands down, the greatest movies of all time lol.

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