3 Years & 27 Weeks Married | Cindy Turns 29!

We celebrated Cindy’s birthday this past week! The ONLY thing she wanted (and has been craving) were Sprinkles cupcakes. And Jake delivered. We both wanted to try all the flavors, but not OD on all the sugar, so we each ate a quarter of each cupcake. Then we each picked the one we like most and ate the other half of that cupcake. It was almost like cake tasting for wedding planning! We shared the rest of the cupcakes with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend afterwards.

We didn’t do much, but it was the perfect day. We picked up some Wetzel’s Pretzels, Cindy’s free Starbucks birthday drink, and the cupcakes and headed over to Palisades Park for a little picnic. The weather was perfect– not too hot and not too cold. After eating, we lazed around and people watched. The picnic was perfectly relaxing.

At night, Cindy’s friend came over and we spent a couple of hours just chatting and catching up. Then we wrapped up our night by continuing our Marvel movie marathon with Iron Man 2.

view up from the picnic blanket

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