3 Years & 26 Weeks Married | Finally Tailored Our Curtains & Marvel Movie Marathon

The title of this week’s blog basically sums it all up.

After a year of living in our “new” apartment, we finally got our curtains tailored & hung! We feel so adult. Anything having to do with curtains just naturally makes us feel so “adult” haha. It is so nice to have natural light coming in through the window without our privacy being compromised. It doesn’t seem like much, but that was the big highlight of our week.

Juxtaposed with tailored curtains is the Marvel movie marathon we started. We’re slowly making our way through all the Marvel movies in chronological order. The gaps in Cindy’s understanding of the Marvel universe is starting to fill in. As for Jake, he’s happy to watch all the epic battles again. We’re hoping to get through all the movies before the baby arrives.

Other updates from the week:

Cindy was on Spring Break. She barely touched her laptop all week, which was kinda nice.

Jake got his 2nd COVID vaccine!

Jake’s mom gave us a butterfly growing kit for Easter. Jake ordered the caterpillars, which arrived this last week, and we’ve just been watching them grow. We’re excited to see them form their chrysalis & turn into butterflies! Hopefully, this time around…the caterpillars will stay in the jar and not escape…

Cindy’s parents came to visit. Her mom was very excited to see our nursery progress and to see Cindy’s bump! And they brought a cake for an early birthday celebration for Cindy.

And we went to a Celebration for Life for Jake’s aunt. It was a beautiful time with family– gathering together in his aunt’s memory.

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