3 Years & 25 Weeks Married | Happy Easter!

This past Sunday was Easter and we celebrated with Jake’s family!

We’ve said this before, but each year Good Friday and Easter Sunday holds more and more significance for us. As we continue to grow and mature in our faith, we understand more and more just how important the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was. As we were reflecting this past weekend, we were thinking about how sad, scared, and confused the disciples of Jesus must have felt at the time. We know now that Jesus resurrected, but at the time they truly thought he was dead. What is it like to follow Jesus and have so much hope and faith in him only to watch him die? How existential it must have felt to have your faith and beliefs shaken to it’s core in such a way. And then, after having experienced such grief, what was it like seeing Jesus alive and resurrected? It’s just so unimaginable and crazy. But it’s reassuring to know that even some of the disciples had a hard time believing it even though they saw it with their own eyes. They had to endure a life shattering experience, but were able to see physical evidence of the resurrected Christ. We didn’t have to go through the same emotional turmoil, but that also means we don’t have the same surety. Ultimately, though, in both circumstances, it comes down to faith. And that’s what we have to hold on to.

ANYWAY, we had a great time at Jake’s parents house. His brothers (2 of the 3) and his brother’s fiancé were also there. Jake’s mom threw us a surprise mini baby shower, which was so special! We really felt the love! It’s crazy that in just a couple of months, our baby will be here!

The day was filled with lots of food, fun, and family. Many of us are vaccinated, and it just felt nice to have a family gathering that was “normal” or like the pre-pandemic days. We’re looking forward to more pre-pandemic-like-gatherings!

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