3 Years & 24 Weeks Married | HighLights of the Week


Jake started Spring Break! Though, he still spent the majority of the day working on his projects and research. There was just less pressure to have to work when you know it’s technically Spring Break.

As for Cindy, she finalized her maternity leave plans and started the paperwork process for it. Why maternity leave policies have to be so confusing, we do not know. But we’re glad to have it mostly sorted out. Cindy’s leave will start in about a month!


Cindy spent the day with her parents. They walked around this really nice park while catching up. And then spent the rest of the day eating. They had dim sum and Meet Fresh (yum!).

As for Jake, he spent the day at home…working on his projects and research. And playing video games.


Jake went on a 12 mile hike with his dad in the morning! He really enjoyed the quality time and the exercise! After the hike, he went back home with his dad and spent time with his mom. For dinner, they made him steak and scallops (yum!).

As for Cindy, she was enjoying the day to herself for the first half of the day. But around evening time, she found herself staring at the clock eagerly awaiting Jake’s return.


Jake went back to his hometown to visit an old friend from high school. He had a great time just catching up and spending time with his friend.

Cindy was once again bored at home. She started watching a movie, Hillbilly Elegy. But part way in, decided this was a movie she wanted to watch with Jake. It just didn’t feel right to watch it without him. So she switched over to The Kardashians to pass the time. We ended up watching the movie together when Jake got home, and we highly recommend the movie!


We had bought a puzzle on Sunday as an activity to do together– we were getting bored with just watching TV every night. Every day this past week, we spent a little time here and there working on the puzzle. We made a lot of progress on Friday and were so close to finishing it!

Puzzling together can sometimes get competitive. We get so territorial over the parts of the puzzle we’re working on. It’s kind of like sharing fries. You don’t want the other person eating more fries, so you eat faster. Similarly, you don’t want the other person finishing up the part of the puzzle you had been working so hard on so you try to find the pieces faster.


We finished up the last bits of the puzzle. Jake is nice and always lets Cindy put the last piece in. It’s always sooo satisfying to put that last piece in.

Afterwards, we went to ACE Hardware to buy some materials for our “baby to-do list”– painting over a phallic-shaped stain in the nursery and replacing the showerhead in baby’s bathroom.

Our plan for the day was to work on our “baby to-do list”, but the weather was soo nice out! We just couldn’t waste it staying indoors. So we packed up our stuff and went to the beach!

(Jake dug a whole in the sand, under Cindy’s towel, so she could lay on her belly lol).

Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing Saturday.


Jake spent most of the day at church. He serves on the Welcome Team and they had a team meeting back at church after lunch.

Cindy had a “wine & juice” date planned with some lady friends (most of them from college). She was so excited for it! It was nice to catch up with her friends.

In the evening, we played some tennis & Super Smash Bros with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

And that is a play-by-play of our week! Nothing too exciting, but also not boring. Just a small snapshot of a week in our life.

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