3 Years & 22 Weeks Married | Same Old, Same Old

No big highlights or updates this week. Everyday has basically been the same. We joke it’s the “sad repetition of life”. To be clear, it’s not sad at all. It’s mostly just an inside joke between us.

Anyway, here are some things from our routine that we’ve been enjoying:

~ eating breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner together

~ going on evening walks/runs together

~ grocery shopping together

~ cooking together (although it’s more like…Jake’s the one doing the cooking while Cindy watches)

~ taking out the trash together (we seem to keep accumulating boxes…Jake is starting to get suspicious and wonder where all these packages keep coming from…)

~ Wednesday night Bible study

~ catching Pokémon for the first 10 minutes after waking up

~ watching Instagram reels together before going to bed

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