3 Years & 21 Weeks Married | Babymoon (in Palm Springs!)

The big highlight of our past week was our babymoon! Ideally, we would have loved to go on one final out-of-country trip before the baby came; however, because of all the travel restrictions due to COVID, we settled on Palm Springs as our getaway destination. We were initially skeptical about what there is to do in Palm Springs, but the trip turned out great! It was the perfect “last” vacation. We left feeling very relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Usually, our vacations are packed with activities. It was a nice change of pace to have a small list of activities, but no real plans except to hang out and lounge around. We’re really happy we decided to take this trip!


We started out the trip with some Dunkin Donuts & coffee! Cindy’s days have somehow become defined by her meals. She’s always looking forward to her next meal and gets excited by what it is. And while Dunkin might not sound that great to most people, it sounded great to pregnant Cindy.

Our drive down to Palm Springs was nice. We spent the time just chatting away about random stuff and listening to music. When we got to Palm Springs, we wandered around Downtown and took in the sights & the vibes. One of the first places we explored was this small hand-made-items shop tucked away in a little alley. It was an awkward experience. The shop owner spent a lot of time talking to us and explaining where all the different items in the shop were made. We aren’t used to this kind of friendly & personal interaction and felt kind of obligated to buy something. We left with an overpriced $25 2×3 inch watercolor painting of a palm tree. After that, we agreed to not wander in to any more small shops; otherwise we’d spend all our money on trinkets.

After checking in to our Airbnb, we decided to hit up a casino! We didn’t realize how many casinos are in Palm Springs. When we do go to casinos, Cindy usually watches Jake play. She thinks it’s too much pressure to play herself. It was exciting! We started out with $20 on the poker and black jack machines. Won about $8. Then lost all $28. lol.

At night, we concluded the day with some Thai takeout and Wanda Vision. And a brief soak in the jacuzzi.


Saturday was our “big adventure” day. We headed out nice and early to Indian Canyons to do the Seven Sister’s hike. This was one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve ever gone on. We truly felt like we were in a desert oasis. Scattered along the hike were groves of palm trees with creeks running through them. And at the end of the hike we were greeted by a really pretty waterfall. The hike wasn’t difficult, but it was pretty hot!

After the hike, we went back to our Airbnb and cooled down in the pool (which was actually very cold). This was Cindy’s favorite part of the trip. Hanging out in the pool, warming up afterwards in the sun, cooling down with a can of coke, and reading our books. It was so relaxing and the perfect way to unwind after a hot hike.

In the afternoon, we treated ourselves to a shake! And for dinner, Red Lobster! Our favorite part of Red Lobster are their rolls. We wish there was an option to just order the rolls lol.

At night, we did some face masks & binged the rest of Wanda Vision (using the Disney+ account that came with the Airbnb).


Sunday was our brunch & scavenger hunt day. We started out the day in search of the perfect place to brunch. Turns out, everyone else had the same idea. And all the popular brunch places had wait times of almost an hour! We’re both not foodies nor people who are willing to wait that long for food. So we ended up at a mediocre café in the middle of a random shopping center. It was perfect for us! We got to eat brunch food without the overwhelming crowds and wait time.

After brunch we went back to Downtown Palm Springs for our city scavenger hunt activity. A friend had recommended this as one of the activities we could do in Palm Springs. It seemed like a really fun idea! And it did start out really fun! But walking around during the hottest time of the day, in 85 degree heat, while 7 months pregnant turned out to be more difficult than Cindy had imagined. It took us about 3 hours to complete the scavenger hunt. And by the end, we were both slightly annoyed with each other (mostly because of the heat). We were probably both also a little dehydrated.

It didn’t help, afterwards, that there was a lot of traffic going home. We were both a little on edge and being really snarky with one another. Probably not the best end to our vacation. But reflecting back, the scavenger hunt was a nice activity to do together. We ended up stopping by a Ralphs half way through our drive for a Dr. Pepper and some fruit. That seemed to help reset the mood.

Like we mentioned earlier, it was overall a really nice & relaxing getaway. Cindy was a little sad to leave. This post is mostly for us, to one day look back on and remember how just how nice it was. Now that we’re back from our “babymoon”, we are ready for baby to come! (in a little under 3 months!)

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