3 Years & 20 Weeks Married | Mini Golf & Other Updates

The big highlight of our week was mini golfing (for the first time in almost a year)!!!! We went with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It was very nice to be doing something other than watching TV or walking around the neighborhood. We’re starting to really miss “normal” date activities like going to the movies, playing at the arcade, dining in at a restaurant… or even just having friends over for dinner and games. We’re eagerly waiting for more places to open up and for life to return to some kind of normal.

Other highlights of the week:

Cindy got her COVID vaccine!! She got the Pfizer vaccine and qualified as an educator. Even though there isn’t much data on pregnancy and vaccine safety/efficacy, we decided it was probably safe and okay for Cindy to get vaccinated. There’s still a sliver of worry in the back of Cindy’s mind, about potential long term side effects (both for her and for baby). But what’s done is done and there’s no point worrying about it now. As far as side effects goes, she turned into a zombie. lol jk. All she experienced was an extremely sore arm, which went away a day later.

Jake also qualifies as an educator to get the vaccine! He’s still trying to get an appointment; although, we don’t really feel a sense of urgency with him since all his teaching will still be remote in the summer. And to be frank, there are probably people who deserve it more than him (given the remote nature of his work and his age). But being vaccinated will give us both a little more peace of mind through the rest of the pregnancy– less stress and worry about either of us contracting COVID.

Cindy’s started doing “mid-day walks” and has been really enjoying them! She’s seeing a whole new side of our neighborhood that we don’t normally get to see in the afternoons or evenings. It’s some real Spirited Away vibes. Like in the movie, our neighborhood comes alive at night. And it’s just so quiet and empty during the day– very nice and peaceful.

As for Jake, he spent all week prepping for his presentation at a conference in New York on Friday. (Disclaimer: he didn’t actually go to New York…the conference was held over Zoom…of course). Unfortunately, the conference wasn’t very well organized and there were a lot of technical issues. For one, all the people who were supposed to attend his presentation didn’t show up so it was just him and the other presenter in the room. Also, the link to their conference room didn’t even work so Jake and the other presenter spent the majority of their presentation time trouble shooting. In the end, Jake and the other presenter delivered their presentations to one another. We both agree, what’s the point of conferences if they’re not in person? Virtual conferences are just not the same.

Jake’s new profile pic for all his professional accounts. Cindy took and edited the pic!

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