3 Years & 18 Weeks MarrIed | Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day!

C H I N E S E N E W Y E A R !

This year for Chinese New Year, we went home to Cindy’s parent’s house. Traditionally, daughters are supposed to go home on the second day of the festivities. Coincidentally, the day we went home was the second day of the holiday!

We spent most of the day eating and playing Mahjong. We actually stayed up till almost 3:00 in the morning playing Mahjong!! Another tradition is to stay up as late as possible because that brings good health and long life to your parents. The longer and later you stay up, the healthier and longer they will live. The actual reason why we were up so late, though, was because we played a full game of Mahjong and a full game takes a REALLY LONG TIME. We play the “Taiwanese” version, where there are 4 total rounds with at least 4 sub-rounds within each round. Anyway, this was the latest we’ve stayed up in a long time!

We can’t help but to think that this time next year we’ll be celebrating CNY with a new addition to our family! And she’ll be getting red envelopes!! (obviously the best part of Chinese New Year *wink*)

V A L E N T I N E S D A Y !

We actually didn’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day this year. We spent most of the day with Cindy’s family since we had spent the night at Cindy’s parent’s house. The big highlight of our day was probably catching Pokémon during our walk with Cindy’s parents around their neighborhood.

Our Pokémon Go obsession comes and goes in waves. And we’re currently in one of those obsessive waves right now. It’s nice, though, because it means we spend a lot of quality time walking around together…catching Pokémon… and fighting gyms…

The only thing we really wanted to do together this Valentine’s Day was make blueberry scones, which we ended up doing the day after Valentine’s Day. Our “baking together” experience is more like Jake bakes while Cindy watches. Jake’s the baker in our house. Cindy usually cleans and washes dishes as we go along. She somehow always finds a way to ruin the recipe if you ask her to help lol. Anyway, the scones turned out great! They were so delicious! We enjoyed them over a small cup of decaf and an episode of The Good Doctor.

We were reminiscing about our Valentine’s Day date last year. We went all out and it was a complete 180 from how we celebrated this year. But that didn’t make this year’s low-key celebration any less special. It’s not so much about what we do or what gifts we get each other –it’s about spending time and making new memories together.

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