3 Years & 16 Weeks Married | Home For the Weekend

The main highlight of this last week was visiting our respective parents for the weekend. Jake went home to see his parents and Cindy went home to see hers. Cindy’s trip was planned weeks in advance and Jake’s was more of a last minute plan.

We both had a really great time at our own homes. Cindy got fed A LOT of delicious food. Jake made dinner for his family. Cindy and her family went on a family walk around the neighborhood before dinner. Jake went running with his dad. Cindy spent a lot of time catching Pokémon with her sister. Jake made a brief visit, on the way home, to see his brother in action– working at CVS (he recently started there). And finally, Cindy’s parents finally got to feel baby kicks! We’ll have to make another visit out to Jake’s parents soon, so they can feel too.

When we reunited, we spent the majority of the evening catching up and sharing the highlights of our time at home. To make sure we don’t leave out details, we usually write down notes and read from our notes lol.

In the first couple years of marriage, spending the weekend apart used to be soooo unbearable. Time would go by so slowly and we were always aching to be reunited. It doesn’t feel so unbearable now. In fact…dare we say it… it’s a little refreshing… Sure, we miss each other. But it’s nice to have that time away. It’s also nice to spend time with our respective parents alone, without the other person. We’re sure our parents also appreciated that 1:1 quality time.

And that’s about it!

Oh, and Cindy finished making our Backpacking Trip video. Take a look!

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