3 Years & 15 Weeks Married | Highlight & Lowlight of the Week

The highlight of our week was playing tennis with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. For some reason, the time just flies by when we play tennis. Before we knew it, we were on the courts for nearly 2 hours! What an easy and fun form of exercise! We played a few doubles matches and had a singles tournament. Cindy’s sister won overall!

The lowlight of our week was walking almost 2 miles to a donut shop only to be turned away when we got there because all the donuts were sold out. Must be a really popular place! Next time, we’ll drive there. We decided to walk to a different donut shop on the way home, only to find out that shop was closed. Defeated, we walked back home, in the rain, donut-less. Later that evening, we ended up driving to a donut shop we knew would be open…so it wasn’t a total disappointment. We got our donuts!

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