3 Years & 13 Weeks Married | 11 Mile Hike

The big highlight of our week was our 11-ish mile hike!!! We mentioned in previous posts how we’ve been trying to do a hike a week. With Jake’s recovering leg and Cindy being 20 weeks pregnant, we were surprised we finished the whole hike! We told ourselves, before starting the hike, that we can turn back at any point if we started to feel like it was too much. But we both knew deep down that we were not turning back early. It’s just not in our nature.

Our hike this week was to the Slide Mountain Lookout. It’s a pretty straight forward hike, 5.5 miles up and 5.5 miles down. Around this time of the year, there is sometimes snow. We didn’t get any snow when we went, but it was super windy and extremely cold. There is a watchtower at the top that overlooks the Angeles National Forest. Normally, you could go in to the tower and check it out! But because of COVID, the tower was closed off to visitors. Overall, it was a great hike! (one of our favorites so far).

These hikes have become something we really look forward to. It’s like our big “event” or “activity” of the week, especially because there’s literally nowhere else to go. We get to spend a lot of quality time together on these hikes, just talking and being with each other. It’s been really nice!

The best part of doing these long hikes is the coming home part. It’s just extra enjoyable and relaxing to take a nice hot shower, elevate our sore feet, and watch a movie in bed. It’s usually accompanied by a little dessert/junk food because we definitely earned it!

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