3 Years & 9 Weeks Married | HBD Jake!

We celebrated Jake’s birthday this past week! He sort of had a three-part celebration. Now the both of us have experienced a “quarantine” birthday… yay…

Part 1

On the actual day of, Cindy surprised Jake with a cast-iron pan! Jake has been talking about a cast-iron pan for about a year now. He loves the fact that you never have to wash it. And it’s supposed to make steak-cooking muuuch easier. Cindy doesn’t see the appeal, especially since it’s such a heavy pan. But Jake has been doing more of the cooking lately and we do need a new pan…soo… might as well!

Jake bought a steak a few days later to cook in his new pan. He needed lemons to marinate his steak, so he used a grabber to get some lemons from the lemon bush outside our window! (that was eventful)

Late afternoon that day, we headed down to the beach for a sunset picnic! It was extremely cold, even though we packed warm clothes.

And after that, we got some Wetzel’s Pretzals and headed home for a movie! We watched #Alive, which seemed like a promising zombie movie but ended up being a huge disappointment. Anyways, because the sun sets so early, we were basically done with Jake’s birthday festivities by 8:00pm! We were so surprised by how early it was! So we wrapped up the evening by attending our bible study (virtually).

Part 2

Part 2 of Jake’s birthday celebration was actually a joint-birthday celebration with Cindy’s sister’s boyfriend! Coincidentally, the two of them share the same birthday week! We ordered some take-out, had dessert, and played some games. It was really nice to have company.

Part 3

And finally, Part 3 of Jake’s birthday celebration was having some delicious cake courtesy of our couple-friend from Jake’s PhD program! It was so sweet and thoughtful of them to get Jake a cake! He truly appreciates his friendship with them.

And that about wrapped up our week! It was filled with lots of cake and dessert! And we end with this pretty picture of the sky, from one of our evening walks.

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