3 Years & 8 Weeks Married | Theme of the Week: Losing Things

Losing things loosely captures the theme of the week.


In our post last week, we shared how we found a caterpillar and took it home to keep as a pet and watch it turn into a butterfly or moth. Well…we lost the caterpillar. It somehow escaped the vase we were keeping it in. Cindy was freaking out about it chewing holes in our clothes or furniture. We ended up finding it this weekend, smushed on one of Cindy’s socks. She must have accidentally stepped on it. We’re sad about that.

Cindy’s Wedding Ring

Cindy briefly lost her wedding band this week. We were at the park, playing softball, with Jake’s family. She had taken her rings off and stuck them in her pocket so she wouldn’t scratch the ring or break the diamonds. The band must have fallen out while she was running around the bases. (darn those tiny women’s pockets) She freaked out when we got back home and couldn’t find the band anywhere. Luckily, we were able to find it back at the park. It was smushed into the dirt, right by second base. Whew! That was a close call!

Jake’s Bike

Technically, Jake’s bike wasn’t lost….it was more…stolen. There’s been an increase in bike thefts in recent months, and we finally found ourselves victims of the crime. It is not fun. It’s local knowledge that a lot of stolen bikes end up at this homeless encampment in a nearby park. If you’re lucky, you can go and buy your bike back if you happen to see it before it gets disassembled for parts. We’re so frustrated that this underground stolen bike shop exists. But we ended up swinging by to see if Jake’s bike wound up there. Unfortunately, it was night time and a little scary so we decided it wasn’t worth it to pursue further. Since Jake’s working from home right now, he doesn’t really need his bike for commuting. He’s pretty bummed that his bike was stolen, but is happy that it did last him several years. Also, he was having a lot of issues with the spokes and tires, so it wasn’t like we lost a treasure.

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