3 Years & 3 Weeks Married | Happy Halloween!

The big highlight of this past week: Halloween!

On Thursday night, we went to a Drive-Thru Halloween Haunt with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It was our biggest event in a while, so we were super excited for it. The event took place on the OC Fairgrounds. And since there was no OC Fair this year, they offered “fair food” at the event. We got turkey legs, funnel cake, donuts, mini churros and cotton candy! SO DELICIOUS!

And the food was probably the highlight of the event. The actual “haunt” wasn’t thaaaaat great. Basically, we just sat in our car and actors would run up and try to scare us through the window. Except, the actors weren’t really stealth and we can kinda see them sneaking up on us. And there were a million cars, so it was kinda hard to get a lot of attention/a good scare.

It was nice, though, to enjoy a “haunt” from the safety and comfort of your own car! Much better than walking through a haunted house. The last time we did a walk-thru haunted house, Cindy ran out almost immediately and left Jake to finish the haunted house on his own lol.

On actual Halloween Day, we went out and spent the day with Jake’s mom. We passed out candy, and were pleasantly surprised by how many people were out Trick-o-Treating.

Jake’s brother and his brother’s fiancé had also stopped by and brought cookie decorating supplies! We had a mini cookie decorating competition. It was fun!

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