3 Years Married! | Happy Anniversary To Us!

We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary this past week!! Time is flying by! It seems like we just got married yesterday. At the same time, it also feels like we’ve known each other forever.

This year, Jake really “won” in showing anniversary love. He woke up at the butt-crack-of-dawn and went to the grocery store to pick up items, for a special anniversary breakfast, and some flowers. Then he wrote the most romantic Facebook post for Cindy to wake up to. Cindy tried to “match” his love with a romantic Instagram post, but it just wasn’t the same. lol.

In the evening, we opted more low-key and intimate evening. We ordered some Boiling Crab for take-out and feasted at home! It was DELICIOUS!

And that was it for our special day! We have a little anniversary get-away planned for another weekend and are really looking forward to it!


Year 3 feels like a blur. We spent the first chunk of it training for a marathon together. And then when that was done, the pandemic hit and everything shut down. From long training runs to quarantining together, we’ve spent a lot of time with one another. We’re happy to report we aren’t tired of each other yet! (lol). Highlights from this past year include: hosting our first joint-family Christmas party, running in a marathon, moving into our dream apartment, and weaning off coffee! The theme of our year seems to be: medical emergencies… thanks to Jake with his marathon ER visit and leg break. But we grew a lot from these medical emergencies– like taking care of your spouse without complaining or growing resentful (*ahem Cindy) and realizing your limits when participating in activities (*ahem Jake). All in all, it’s been a great year and we’re SUPER excited for Year 4!!

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