2 Years & 51 Weeks Married | Jam-Packed Weekend

It’s been a while since we’ve had such an eventful weekend! All the family time and fun was very refreshing. We were so tired by Sunday night from all the fun that we knocked out early and had one of the best sleeps ever.


Our weekend started Friday night with a Trivia Night, at our local mall, with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It was our first trivia night experience ever! And we were all so excited, pumped, and nervous for it. Cindy and her sister joke that they don’t know any random facts and were probably dead weight for the team. Cindy’s sister’s boyfriend is a treasure trove of random knowledge and information. And Jake is our group’s history and American president’s buff. The only thing Cindy is an expert in is anything Kardashian related lol. Our team name was “The Underdogs” which was definitely very fitting!

Anyways, while we were super pumped for the experience, we left extremely disappointed. It wasn’t a very well-hosted event. The buzzers we were using stopped working, so the host resorted to having people yell out numbers in lieu of buzzing. This resulted in absolute chaos. And while the staff was sorting out buzzer technical difficulties, the host continued with the trivia questions but all the points didn’t count. We were all so disappointed in the end because it felt so unorganized and unfair.

We left that night in a super sour mood. But writing this post and looking back at it now, we realize it was a pretty fun experience. And we would love to do more trivia nights! (maybe more legit ones)


Jake’s dad and his crew were up in NorCal for a couple of weeks to assist with the firefighting. He finally returned this past week, so we decided to go for a visit! We brought some bagels and had breakfast together.

The highlight of the day was when Jake’s dad and Jake’s youngest brother brought out their unicycles! Jake’s youngest brother had found one in the dumpster and brought it home to learn how to ride it. This rekindled Jake’s dad’s interest in his own unicycle, which had been sitting in the shed for a while. Apparently, Jake’s dad is a seasoned unicycle rider!

It was so entertaining watching Jake’s youngest brother struggle to keep his balance on the thing. And it was so fun watching Jake’s dad cruise up and down the street. Cindy even took a turn on the thing! It is SO HARD to keep your balance. And it is so SCARY to try riding without holding on to a surface. It’s a super good core and quads workout though!

Because Jake is still in his boot, he didn’t get a chance to try. Maybe when he’s all better, we’ll go back and try Unicycle Riding Round 2.


Sunday, we celebrated Cindy’s dad’s birthday at El Dorado Park!

Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend planned out most of the day. The agenda for the day was: picnic, toss around the baseball, ride the surreys, and relax. And that was exactly what we did!

The two of us had added in a Pepsi vs. Coke taste-test competition to see who can taste the difference between the two. Cindy’s dad’s favorite drink is Pepsi, so we wanted to see if he can tell the difference. Unfortunately, he couldn’t correctly tell the difference. Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend also couldn’t correctly tell the difference. Interestingly, the two of us and Cindy’s mom were able to tell! We might have unintentionally cheated a bit though. Just before the competition, we were already sipping on some Coke so it probably gave us something to compare the tastes to.

It was a relaxing, easy-going, and fun day. At the end of the day, all of us were just sitting around soaking up the late afternoon sun. It felt so “summery”– that feeling of being worn out from all the activities and just a little bit sun-burnt from being out all day. And the only thing to top it all of is a good, long nap.

Instead of taking a nap though, we went out for dinner! Like we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Orange County has been cleared to reopen more businesses- this included indoor dining! We had our first meal inside a restaurant together as a family. Cindy’s dad shared lots of stories during dinner and the food was delicious. It was a really great way to end the day.

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