2 Years & 50 Weeks Married | Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Not much happened this past week. Because of the poor air quality due to the fires, we mostly stayed indoors. By Thursday, the air quality had improved significantly. So Sunday after church, we decided to do a bike ride down to the beach! During this week’s PT session, Jake’s therapist gave him the O.K. to start biking again! (running is still off the table for at least another 2 months…)

Cindy’s sister joined us– the three of us had so much fun cruising towards the beach. The weather was perfect and it was so refreshing to breathe in some fresh ocean air. It was also a decent workout!

We’re happy Jake is slowly getting to do more outdoor activities. Cindy misses running with Jake (it’s a bit boring to run alone), but is excited to do more bike rides together.

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