2 Years & 48 Weeks Married | Jake’s Leg Update: He Can Walk Again!!!

The title of this week’s blog says it all. The biggest highlight of our week was Jake getting the OK to walk again!! When Jake came home from his follow-up appointment, he pretended to crutch around before he dramatically threw down his crutches and started walking. Cindy was so shocked!

Originally, the surgeon had said he would need to start with 50% weight and slowly ease into 100% weight bearing. So Jake was surprised to hear he could start walking again– he did not expect this at all from this appointment. It felt so sudden and random. He was so skeptical at first that he started to leave the doctor’s office using one crutch for some support. The surgeon saw him and demanded he put full weight on his leg.

And now Jake is just walking everywhere! It’s still taking some time to get used to walking because he hasn’t walked for almost 2 months. And he still needs to wear the boot (for at least another 2 months) until they can go back in and take one of the screws out. Not being able to walk anywhere and always having to balance on one leg makes you really appreciate full mobility. Jake is so happy! Cindy is super happy too! Jake being able to walk again means she can FINALLY give back his chore of taking out the trash!! No more having to toss the garbage bag into the dumpster and running away as fast as you can to avoid the swarm of flies that come out. Yay! And we’re pretty sure our neighbors are happy too. Sometimes, it was just easier to hop around than to use the crutches at home. But every time Jake hopped, the whole building shook. We kept joking that the neighbors probably thought an earthquake was happening.

Another highlight was our beach day with Cindy’s parents. California experienced a crazy heat wave this past weekend. West Los Angeles (where we live) reached 100 degrees! It never gets to the 90s out here, let alone the 100s! There were even crazier high temps in other parts of SoCal. It got to 115 degrees out where Cindy’s parents live. We decided to escape the heat and hit the beach! To avoid large crowds, we drove up PCH for a while until we found a small cove with no people around. Cindy took a dip in the ocean with her dad while Jake hung back with her mom. Afterwards, we sat on the sand sunbathing and eating strawberries and chips! We left after people found out about our secret spot and started to join us. We got some Somi Somi afterwards to top off our mini excursion.

At home, the four of us ate dinner and watched this Chinese movie called Operation Red Sea. It was super graphic and gory, but really good!

And that was our week!

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