2 Years & 47 Weeks Married | Jake’s Master’s Degree & Our new Shaved Ice Machine

The big highlight of this past week was Jake’s diploma arriving in the mail!

He gets one after 2 years through his PhD program (as long as he takes this one specific course). It was a bit anti-climactic. He got an email some time last month saying he earned his Master’s degree. And then several weeks later the diploma just showed up on our doorstep. We were in the middle of watching Korra when Cindy decided to check the mail. Jake opened up the envelope, we snapped a picture, and went right back to watching our show lol. In and of itself this Master’s degree is a huge accomplishment. But when compared to the PhD he is pursuing…the Master’s degree just didn’t get the celebration it probably deserved. If Jake ever drops out of his PhD program, he’ll have this free Master’s degree!

Another big highlight of our week was our new shaved ice machine! Funny enough, we were more excited about the shaved ice machine arriving in the mail than we were about Jake’s degree….oops. We’ve been wanting a shaved ice machine since last summer (and almost bought one!) but then decided to save our money. This year, under the influence of the heat wave, we decided to finally buy one! And now all we can think about is how the cost of missing out on a year of shaved ice definitely outweighed the actual cost of the machine. Anyways, we’ve been having shaved ice for dessert almost every night! Yum!

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