2 Years & 45 Weeks Married | Haircut, Back to School, & Summer Heat Wave

Jake got a much needed haircut! (his second quarantine haircut!) We left such a mess last time, when Cindy cut his hair at home, that we decided it was just easier and less mess for Jake to go pay for a cut instead. He had to sit outdoors for his haircut! That was a different experience.

Cindy started her 6th year of teaching, with distance learning. As an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, she doesn’t actually work with students until about a week into school. For the first few days, she’s just been contacting parents and teachers to set up a schedule. She’s both nervous and excited for actual teaching to start!


SoCal got hit with a heat wave this past weekend. IT’S BEEN SO HOT!! So we went out for an ice cream date to cool down.

And that’s the gist of our week!

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