2 Years & 42 Weeks Married | Just Some Thoughts Pt. 1

Soo….we started trying this past month! Spoiler: nothing happened. But we just wanted to share some of our thoughts and feelings from the journey so far. Since this is a more private topic, we will keep this post private until we feel like sharing it publicly.

  1. We’re learning just how hard it is to get pregnant… like… it doesn’t just happen…and you have to time it just right…!? At the beginning of the month, Cindy was googling, basically non-stop, information on different types of cervical mucous, how you know you’re ovulating, possible signs you’re not ovulating (as if you can tell), and basically every question every other woman who’s ever tried has probably asked. She’s trying to calm down with the googling this next month.
  2. We were mentally prepared for “it might not happen right way,” but waiting to find out if it happened or not was still hard. We didn’t know about the dreaded “2 week wait” that happens after. Who knew 2 weeks can drag by THAT slowly!? During those 2 weeks of waiting to take a test, we wasted 2 pregnancy tests because we were too eager and impatient– even though we knew the results wouldn’t be reliable (if we were pregnant). Since we’re out of pregnancy tests, we’ve resolved to not buy any until it’s time to test. This way, there are not tests lying around to tempt us during the next 2 week wait.
  3. During that 2 week wait, Cindy also googled EVERYTHING from early pregnancy symptoms to how long implantation takes. It was hard not to think every little “off” feeling could be a possible sign or symptom of pregnancy.
  4. Coincidentally, Cindy’s period was late this month– a cruel prank. With each day that it was late, our hopes that it happened grew more and more. Even though we knew the odds of getting pregnant on the very first try are not very high, we were still really disappointed to see a period. It was only one month of trying, but we just didn’t want to go through the dreaded 2 week wait again. And in the very back of Cindy’s mind, even though we don’t have any reason to believe at the moment that it is an issue, there’s always the question of infertility.

This last month was a very tense one. It felt like we were holding our breath the entire time. This next time around, we will try to relax more and not think about it too much. Even though we’ll be “taking it easy”, we did get some things to help us out a bit. We bought an ovulation predictor kit, just to make sure we’re trying around the right time and we aren’t accidentally missing our window. And we got Pre-Seed for a little boosties lol. We know it can take time, but we still pray it happens soon!

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