2 Years & 41 Weeks Married | Big Bear Mini Vacation

We went on a mini vacation with Jake’s family to Big Bear Lake this past week! This was the first family vacation we’ve gone on with Jake’s family! It was a lot of fun and we both already miss it. We had originally planned a vacation to New York for this upcoming week, but ended up cancelling it for obvious reasons. We were looking forward to that trip and were super bummed to cancel it, so it was nice to go on this Big Bear trip because it gave us something else to look forward to. It was also a nice breath of fresh air. We were both starting to feel couped up especially since Jake can’t go anywhere or do much with his broken leg.

Jake’s parents rented a cabin and we spent most of the time relaxing and fishing. We did so much fishing! (partly because that’s about the only thing Jake can do lol) But collectively we only caught one trout and two small catfish. Cindy caught the trout– her first fish ever!!! Fishing is so addicting and it’s so exhilarating to catch a fish. This might just be our new hobby…

Another highlight of the trip was getting tacos from a donut shop! Jake’s dad was super excited about this. Every Tuesday, this place called Dank Donuts sells tacos instead of donuts for Taco Tuesday! The tacos were good, but it was more exciting to order tacos from a donut shop.


One of the days, we went down the Alpine Slide and did some paddle boarding. It was overall a relaxing time away from home. And it was so nice to hang around the cabin, be with family, and enjoy each other’s company. Like we said earlier, we miss it already.

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