2 Years & 40 Weeks Married | Jake’s Leg Update

Not much happened this week. Since we were so social last week, we decided to stay home and go out as little as possible this week… just to be safe.

So the big highlight of the week was… Jake got his stitches taken out!!! And he will be starting physical therapy soon! His recovery seems to be going smoothly and quickly. He still can’t put any weight on it yet.

A family friend lent us a knee scooter which we finally used this week. Jake took his first “evening stroll” with Cindy (since his leg broke). It was nice to be outside and get some fresh air, but the knee scooter was also surprisingly tiring to use. Because all the sidewalks in LA are lumpy and uneven, Jake struggled to navigate smoothly. We walked to our local Target (which is about half a mile away) and Jake was drenched in sweat by the time we got home! Anyways, we’re so happy with the knee scooter and added mobility it provides!

And that’s our week!


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