2 Years & 39 Weeks Married | Happy 4th of July!

H A P P Y  I N D E P E N D E N C E  D A Y !

So much happened this week!

Jake had his one week follow up appointment for his leg. He was taken out of a splint and put into a boot. He can’t put any weight on the foot yet (so no walking), but he can take the boot off when showering. It feels nice to 1) finally be able to shower and 2) air the leg out. At the appointment, we were able to take a look a the stitches. It was very gross.


One of Jake’s best friends swung by our place on his way home for the long weekend. It was really nice to finally see him and hang out for a bit! We made coffee cake and paninis! Back in March, we had plans to visit him and check out his new apartment. He had just moved back from the UK and we hadn’t seen him for almost a year! But that was around the time of Stay-At-Home orders, so we had to cancel our visit. Then, we made plans to visit a few weeks ago…just as everything was opening up…but then Jake broke his leg and we had to cancel again. Needless to say, this mini reunion was long-awaited.


Cindy’s parents also visited us this week. It was really last minute, but they had to drop off some urgent mail. Since they were in the area, Cindy’s sister also dropped by. We had dinner together and some nice talks. We’re so grateful for our new apartment– the extra space really allows us to host and entertain. Also, we can finally have more than 4 people over for dinner! Our dining area at our old apartment was more like a dining nook and couldn’t seat more than four people. It’s so nice to be able to gather around the dinner table!


And finally, Jake’s younger brother from D.C. flew back for the summer. He stayed with us this weekend. It was such a great time hanging out and catching up! We didn’t really do much for 4th of July, because 1) all the fireworks shows were cancelled, 2) beaches & parks were closed, and 3) Jake couldn’t really walk anywhere. We spent most of the day doing a game tournament. We played about 7 rounds of games ranging from board games to video games. It was a lot of fun! Jake ended up winning the tournament.


And that was our week! It was probably the most social week we’ve had since March!


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