2 Years & 38 Weeks Married | Jake’s Surgery

Jake had surgery this past Monday to put in a few pins and a screw to stabilize his ankle.  It was a very long day. The surgery was scheduled at 7:00am so we had to be there by 5:00am. The surgery was expected to take about 2-3 hours, so we were expecting to leave around noon. But after looking at some x-rays after the first set of screws, the surgeon decided to go back in and add an additional screw (to reduce the gap in his ankle tendons/muscles). We ended up getting home around 7:00p.

**Side Story: Jake had scheduled a Dominion game later that same evening (for this online Dominion league he joined)… clearly he has his priorities lined up right lol


Anyways, Jake was pretty out of it all day. It was his first time having a procedure with generalized anesthesia. He says coming out of the anesthesia was one of the worst feelings in the world. It’s like a combination of feeling drunk and groggy. Even though Cindy sympathized with Jake, she still found it pretty funny to watch him try to “wake up” from the anesthesia. We wonder if nurses secretly enjoy watching patients emerge from anesthesia and comparing their different reactions.

For the first couple of days Jake was in a lot of pain. The pain from the surgery was worse than the pain from the initial fracture. But the pain level has been going down slowly day by day as well as the swelling. The two of us have spent most of our days in bed binge watching How to Get Away with Murder. We’re enjoying it so far!


We have a follow up appointment next week to see how everything is healing and what the next steps are. We hope Jake’s leg heals properly!


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