2 Years & 33 Weeks Married | Enjoying Our New Apt & How We Accidentally Weaned Off Coffee

It’s our first full week in our new apartment! And we’re in love with the place. It’s so big, we’ve gone days without seeing each other. Just kidding. But it is more spacious than our old place, so that’s been nice.

We also have a more functional patio! We sat out there one of the afternoons and had coffee and a muffin. Also, since we live off a busier street now, we’ve been doing a lot of people watching (Cindy’s favorite).


It almost feels too good to be true for us to be living in a place like this. A place with in-unit washer dryer just seemed so out of reach (especially given the area we live in). We are very grateful!



In other news, we’ve successfully cut morning coffee out of our routine! Instead, we’ve been drinking black tea and, occasionally, green tea. A few weeks ago, we shared how Jake “accidentally” gave us decaf for a whole week. He had joked about giving Cindy decaf, without telling her, to see if withdrawal effects were real or placebo. But he claims he didn’t read the packaging correctly and thought he had bought normal coffee. Coincidence? Or suspicious…? Anyways, for a whole week, Cindy was feeling extra fatigued (taking multiple naps throughout the day) and extra mean to Jake (like really mean). Her eye was also twitching a lot…She was relieved to find out the likely cause of all the naps and meanness was coffee withdrawal…or at least that’s what she chooses to believe. Jake, on the other hand, didn’t really experience any noticeable withdrawal symptoms. Other than feeling the afternoon slump, he didn’t have any extreme fatigue.

It was a miserable couple of weeks getting off coffee. But it does feel good to not have to rely on it every morning!


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