2 Years & 32 Weeks Married | We Moved!

We moved!!! (to a bigger apartment a couple blocks away). We spent all week moving the little stuff. And on Saturday, we spent all day moving the big furniture and the guineas (with the help of Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend). The guineas probably don’t even know they’re in a new place. Moving always reminds us of how much we hate moving– we bicker, it’s such a hassle to pack and transport the stuff, the furniture is sooo heavy, you have to unpack it all…. It’s just not fun. But we love this new place so much that it was worth it.

Even though she really loves the new place, Cindy still misses the old place. It was our very first non-shared apartment together. And it was home for almost 2 years. All weekend, when Cindy would get emotional about leaving, Jake would remind her of all the times she complained about the place. lol.


(last meal at our old place)

Jake has moved on– he loves the new place so much he hasn’t given the old place a second thought. He especially loves his new office setup– it’s just so spacious!


(we almost forgot about our curtains!)

Anyways, this post is super late because we didn’t have internet for the past 3 days. Anyways, that was our week!

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