2 Years & 31 Weeks Married | Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

We spent Mother’s Day with Jake’s family this year. We really miss hanging out with family. It was so heartwarming to be together again. We celebrated Jake’s mom with all her favorite things– eggs benedict for dinner out on the deck, games, and endless rounds of Just Dance on the Switch.

A little bird built a nest out of the wreath on Jake’s parents’ front door! Here are the little hatch-lings!

In other news, we’re planning on trying in a few weeks. On our drive home, we realized how quickly this, once-distant, plan is approaching. For such a momentous life transition, we thought we should document some of our thoughts and feelings.

We know trying doesn’t automatically mean pregnancy, so we’re trying to keep that in mind. While it would be nice to have everything happen according to plan, we know that this can be a journey that requires a lot of patience and open-mindedness.

We’ve talked about this a lot and feel as ready as we can be. But at the same time, Cindy doesn’t feel ready. She’s a little scared. She’s scared of what will happen to her body and how it will change. She’s scared that her athleticism will never go back to what it is now. She’s scared of lifestyle changes she’ll need to make and the comforts she’ll likely need to give up. And she’s scared of becoming a different person. But she’s also excited– excited to experience this next stage of life.

Jake clearly gets the good end of the stick when it comes to the physical parts of pregnancy. He’s also nervous though. He wonders how he’ll learn to be a good dad, and he wants to make sure that he does not let his PhD work get in the way of the much more important job of being a parent. He is excited too though–to see one of God’s greatest gifts, and to see how his and Cindy’s genes mix.

We know these thoughts and feelings aren’t unique. And we’re sure we’ll look back at this and laugh about how naive we were. (or maybe we won’t). But we wanted to document this, so we can remember what it was like BK (before kids).

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