2 Years & 30 Weeks Married | We’re Moving!


A few weeks ago, we shared about our struggle in deciding whether or not we should move out of our current apartment. We’ve had several issues with our current apartment and management company (nothing major) and with the rent prices dropping in LA, we thought this would be a good opportunity to move to a slightly bigger and better space. We made a pros & cons list, sought advice from each of our parents, and discussed the matter heavily between us. Against all advice…we decided to move. It’s pretty overwhelming how quickly all of this happened. We went from casually looking to signing a lease all in the span of 3 days. We basically created this unnecessary dilemma. But we really love our new place and are excited to move! The new place is only a couple of blocks away from where we currently are. Given the current climate, our new landlord gave us the keys early so we can slowly move our stuff over on our own.

We started moving a few things this past weekend!!

Family Time

We finally did it. We spent some time with family.

It was so nice to finally see Cindy’s parents and spend some time together. We ate A LOT of food, played games (Telestrations and Mario Party), went for a walk, and had some cake. It was a low-key early Mother’s Day + late Poppa W’s retirement get-together.