2 years & 29 Weeks Married | Trying to Stay Entertained (and sane!)

This past week was Week 6 of “Quarantine Life”.

We’re trying to keep entertained indoors, especially as the weather is warming up. Here’s a brief picture summary of our week:

We started a game tournament with just the two of us. We got the idea from another couple in our bible study. We’ll play a total of 10 games and we’ll take turns picking the game. Whoever wins the most…just wins… There’s no real prize…except for maybe pride. It’s not looking too good for Cindy…

We FINALLY planted the seeds we got, as a party favor, from our good friends’ baby shower a couple of months ago. They’re already sprouting! It’s been exciting to track their growth.

And finally, we went for a run and treated ourselves to Yogurtland afterwards. It was strange to be served in a self-serve place. The fro-yo was delicious and a nice escape from the heat.

And that’s our week!

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