2 Years & 28 Weeks Married | Just Another Week (sorta)

The weeks are starting to blend together. By the time we reach the end of the week, it feels like the beginning of the week was 2 weeks ago…

A few highlights from our uneventful week:

Our afternoon walk. Cindy was excited to wear her new dress out. And Jake searched for caterpillar eggs.

Jake made omelets for breakfast one morning.


We found a ladybug in our salad bag! We were so surprised the lady bug was still alive.

One thing that’s been weighing on our minds is our living situation. It’s not a bad situation– in fact we’re pretty fortunate to have found the place we are currently living for the price we are paying. We’ve really enjoyed this place and have made it our home. But we’ve been thinking about if this place is ideal if we had a baby (and that’s just an IF). To give you an idea of why, if you Yelp review our management company, they don’t exactly have glowing reviews when it comes to maintenance and proper upkeep of their properties…

Anyways, we’ve had some pretty tough conversations this week. These conversations covered questions like whether or not we should move, if we did move where should we move, is it wise to move given the current situation, how financially risky is it to move, what are we willing to pay for if we upgraded our space, etc. These conversations and decisions are always hard because of all the uncertainty. But we try to keep in mind that we are a team making these decisions together– it requires a lot of trust, communication, and understanding.

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