2 Years & 25 Weeks Married | Still WFH & Staying At Home

Nothing new happened this past week. We’re still WFH and staying at home.

We’re slowly settling into our new daily routines (which doesn’t really include much). For the most part, we’re focusing on reading our Bibles everyday and going for a run or walk everyday, for some fresh air. We ran 13 miles on Sunday! Why? Because what else are we going to do with our time? lol.

We also spent a lot of time catching up with our families via video chat/phone calls! We miss being able to visit and hang out with our families.

The two of us have been going to bed really late and eating our meals at odd hours of the day (like dinner at 10:00p!) So this week, our goal is to get into a more routine schedule. We made a visual Quarantine Daily Routine to follow! Nothing too creative–just setting general bed times, wake up times, work times, etc. This way, we have a little more structure to our days.

In other news, Jake starts Spring Quarter this next week! It’s his final quarter of PhD Year 2! We can’t believe we’re almost through PhD Year 2! Only 3 more years after this… It’s his final quarter of taking actual classes (even though they’re all online now). After this quarter, he’ll be focusing on his thesis and research projects.


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