2 Years 24 Weeks Married | What A Strange Week It’s Been

What a whirlwind of a week it’s been. It’s hard to believe 2 weeks ago, we were running a marathon and now we’re just staying at home…doing our part social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

For the most part, we’ve both been working from home. Jake spent the majority of the week grading finals and finishing a draft of a paper. And Cindy spent the majority of the week making lesson plans and figuring out how to support her students.

It’s pretty scary what’s been happening and it’s probably one of those things that will be a defining moment in history. Amidst all this, we do want to highlight some of the positives of our week:

We celebrated Cindy’s sister’s birthday! (which was just a couple of days before the Safer At Home Order was released).

Our close friends had a baby!

We’re spending A LOT of time together. Which has been nice actually. We haven’t driven  each other crazy!

Cindy’s been doing yoga more (which she really enjoys) and reading her Bible more consistently (which she hasn’t done in a while).

Jake also has more time to read the Bible and his other books. He reads almost everyday, but now he can read more (and more carefully) and still have time for all his other projects and responsibilities.

Life has slowed down significantly. And while it is easy to complain about boredom and all the other inconveniences this pandemic causes, we are trying to put the time God has given us to productive use. We are also praying that the efforts by the government, first-responders, hospitals, and all those on the front-lines are working.

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