2 Years & 21 Weeks Married | LA Marathon, One Week To Go!

We’re one week away from the LA Marathon!!!!!!

Cindy hasn’t felt this much anxiousness in anticipation of an event since our wedding! She washes her hands obsessively throughout the day to minimize any risk of sickness. And she nags Jake all day long (in person and via text) about not touching his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Her sister and sister’s boyfriend came over during the week, but were kicked out because they were coughing and sounding nasally. Jake was a little bummed she did that…he biked back from class as fast as he could to hang out with them only to find out that they had been sent home lol.

As for Jake, his emotions are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. He is super pumped and excited for the marathon! Not an ounce of anxiousness in his system. He’s more focused on finishing the race with a “better than average” time. He was hoping for a 3:30 finish time, but is realizing that’s not possible for Cindy. He’s hoping to finish in around 4 hours. He’ll settle for 4:30. He will not allow any walking though. Stakes are high! Cindy just wants to cross the finish line and will be happy with any time they finish in, but will try her very best to finish within Jake’s goal range.

After our last 16 mile run, Cindy started feeling shin splints. We both felt a little discouraged and defeated with shin splints so close to marathon day. Aside from a few 2 mile runs, we took most of the week off which made us really paranoid that our inactivity caused all our training to go down the drain. This past weekend was our final “longish” run– 10 miles. We had to decide whether to do the run or give it up and let the shin rest. It was a hard decision, but we decided to let go of the run and rest up the shin. It was probably the wiser decision from a strategic point of view, but still a hard one to make in the moment. In our little moment of defeat, we were reminded that no matter what, we are doing this marathon together. And it really isn’t about a finishing time (even though that would be great) but that we are taking on this challenge together. 

Anyways, we went out for a 5 mile run on a track today (softer than pavement) and did pretty decent! Our morale is back up!


We can’t believe marathon day is just one week away now. We have trained all year long for this and are ready to finally tackle it!

Wish us luck!

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