2 Years & 20 Weeks Married | A Picture Summary of Our Week

We’re about 2 weeks away from the LA Marathon!! We’ve started “tapering” which basically just means we’re running less miles per week in the last couple of weeks leading up to race day. On Sunday, we ran 16 miles– our final long run until the marathon!


What a challenge we’ve signed up for! But we’re happy to be doing this together.

Cindy went to her final LASIK follow up appointment this past week, and her mom accompanied her. It’s been one year since Cindy’s LASIK procedure! Now that she’s one year out, she can confidently say she’s happy she did it. Her vision is about 20/20 and life without glasses and contacts has been amazing– especially with all this running for marathon training.

Anyways, after the appointment, Cindy hung out with her mom for the rest of the evening. They shared a piece of cake at Lady M, walked around the mall, and had some DELICIOUS Peking duck.

We spent some time observing our guineas and witnessed this cuteness happen. We often complain that guineas are boring pets who don’t love you back– basically not like dogs. But then we get reminded of how cute and interesting guineas are.


We went to a friend’s birthday party! This grainy picture is the only pic we got of us that night. We learned that “fashionably late” is a notoriously “American thing.” And that when international students come to study, one of the things they are told is that Americans often show up late to events. We have to admit, we showed up late lol.


Cindy craved a bowl of peas for dinner the other night. So that’s what we had…a bowl of peas. And a chicken burrito. She took this picture to remember the night she craved a bowl of peas.

And that’s a random picture summary of our week!

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