2 Years & 19 Weeks Married | Happy Valentine’s Day!

H A P P V A L E N T I N E ‘ S  D A Y !

For Valentine’s Day this year, Jake surprised Cindy with a Sweetheart’s Dinner and Dance at the Ronald Reagan Library. This was the first time Jake successfully surprised Cindy! (she’s usually able to piece together Jake’s suspicious behavior and figure out the surprise…)

We got all dressed up and spent the evening being fancy. We braved 2 hours of LA traffic just to drive 30 miles! But it was so worth it! The view from the terrace alone made the drive worth it!


We got to walk through a few of the exhibits after hours, which was pretty special. Jake’s favorite part was standing at the podium pretending to give a speech as President. Cindy’s favorite part was seeing all of Nancy Reagan’s outfits. The exhibits led us right into a hangar where an Air Force One is displayed. The room was filled with sweetheart tables, a dance floor, and live music. We enjoyed a delicious three course dinner.

After dinner, we walked out onto the dance floor for a slow dance. It was lovely and special, but we learned it’s probably not our thing…or at least…not Cindy’s thing. She gets waaaay too awkward when it comes to slow dances.

Looking back, we realized we didn’t have a single slow dance (besides our First Dance) at our wedding. It wasn’t intentional, but maybe it was a subconscious decision.

It was such a special Valentine’s Day. Jake also got Cindy her very first pair of diamond earrings!

As for Cindy, she got Jake a cute card and a box of See’s chocolates. Jake thinks See’s chocolates are underrated. He is never not happy to get a box of See’s chocolates.

And that was our Valentine’s Day 2020!

2 thoughts on “2 Years & 19 Weeks Married | Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. You two looked so nice all dressed up! Go Jake for pulling off such lovely surprise! I would have loved to see all of Nancy Reagan’s clothing, too. I’m so happy to read that you guys had such an awesome holiday. Those chocolates are making me drool!

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